(re)INVENT YOU(rself)

(re)INVENT YOU(rself) was an Erasmus+, KA1, EVS project dealing with activities to promote 2 fundamental rights of minors namely their freedom of speech and freedom of thought, with activities to bridge the gap between generations through intergenerational activities and with the promotion of Erasmus+ and the opportunities it offers to youth.

The main objectives of (re)INVENT YOU(rself) were:

– To help the EVS volunteers from Latvia, Serbia, Italy and Estonia acquire the necessary competences that will accelerate their transition to employability with a positive impact also on their social and personal lives by involving them in a EVS mobility taking place in Sighisoara, Romania

– To develop journalistic activities in cooperation with schools from Sighisoara, in which to involve the pupils and offer them the chance to exercise 2 of their fundamental rights, namely the freedom of expression and thought and the chance to develop intercultural and foreign language competences by interacting with the EVS volunteers;

– To create intergenerational activities in order to bridge the gap between generations and their possible conflicts.

– To promote the Eramus+ programme

The coordinator and hosting association was Wild Carpathia, while the SOs were the following organizations: Radi Vidi Pats (Latvia), Center E8 (Serbia), Vicolocorto (Italy) and Seiklejate Vennaskond (Estonia).

The main activities carried out could be included in one of the following cathegories:

– JUNIOR MEDIA: journalistic activities meant to promote the freedom of expression and the freedom of thought of minors (children and minor youngsters);

– COMMUNITY VOICE: experimental intergenerational activities promoting activities between different generations to bridge the gap that might exist between different generations;

– PROMO & FUNDRAISING CAMPAINGS: the need of the hosting organisation to create a self supported program for a better sustainability of the basic activities

– ERASMUS MEDIA: events to promote the opportunities offered by Erasmus+ to young people

The methods used were non-formal, participatory, inclusive, win-win, peer-to-peer.

The most important results obtained weer the intangible ones, namely the competences acquired by the EVS volunteers that will accelerate their transition to employability but we had also some tangible ones that can be see below.

We can say that this project had an impact on all its stakeholders, on the EVS volunteers, the participating organizations, local partners, members of the target group and others. The project had an impact mostly at local level but with the materials created we could extend it also at national and European level.

We believe that this project will inspire other organizations and people to get involved in similar activities to address the issues mentioned in this project and enhance even more its impact. People will be more aware of Erasmus+ opportunities and will become more interested to join them.

RO: Un nou episod emotionant filmat in statiunea Borsec. O tanara italianca povesteste despre regasirea bunicilor pe care nu i-a vazut niciodata.EN: A new emotional film shot in the Borsec resort. An Italian girl tells us about the reunification of grandparents she has never seen.

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