EVS project- DID YOU KNOW?

Hello everyone! We are the volunteers from the EVS project “Did you know?”, we are eight guys from several countries of Europe (Italy, France, Estonia and Greece) who joined this project in Brasov to collaborate with the community and develop many projects, such as music contests, sport activities, movie nights and participate in other associations’ initiatives Indeed everyone in our group uses to go for two days per week to make something he/she can do or is experienced in or wants to learn in other associations and NGOs: we appreciate very much this occasion that the association Wild Carpathia, who coordinates everything , gave us because is he best way to fit ourselves in the different world we face every day, to grow up and create a continuous excange of experiences, knowledges skills and sane human feelings.

We are proud of our association and of the way it cares about us. By Non Formal Education method we try to involve the biggest number of people in our activities, as most of you could see at school, open ourselves to everyone without any difference, and subsequently move towards activities and collaborations paths. of course we are continually involved in the discovery of our countries,therefore in our free time we have many activities together to break down the cultural walls that could potentially divide us and build a great team above the linguistic and habits’ differences. because the important thing to have, before good working ambent and sinergy is to be friends who trust each other.



(01.07.2017 – 28.02.2018) Brasov, Romania


DID YOU KNOW? is an EVS project that will have a real impact on the EVS volunteers, participating organizations, target groups and all relevant stakeholders by using non formal education and promoting volunteering involvement.

General objectives:

  • Increase chances of personally and professionally success for eight EVS volunteers coming from four European countries to their future integration in the labor market
  • Promoting volunteering and Erasmus+ among a minimum of 300 young people and 150 employees and stimulate them to participate effectively in the realization of at least one volunteering activity organized in this project
  • Improving the skills of the coordination team and increasing the number of volunteering organized activities locally and internationally – to submit proposals on Erasmus+

At the end of this project we will succeed to create for the Volunteer Center Brasov (CVB) a Strategic Development Plan for medium and long term; EVS volunteers will enjoy a unique experience, will gain  knowledge and special skills useful in future in finding a job and also a satisfaction immeasurably knowing that thanks to them was strengthened this volunteer center (needed by a lot of young people); local youth will have a safe and well-trained staff to guide them in various volunteering activities and to offer them the chance to volunteer in charge private companies in Brasov will have more information about what corporate volunteering is and what are its benefits and be personally much better prepared, and we as an association coordinator will benefit from a reliable, CVB, and we have the chance to organize future joint activities with the Volunteer Center Sighisoara activities, exchange experiences, camps for our local volunteers, etc.

To get to the objectives and obtain the desired results, we will implement the following activities:

  1. DID YOU KNOW? CONTEST – general knowledge contest – organized for several teams of five members each maximum on different themes set by the organizers. Judges will point the elements of creativity in presentation, inventiveness and innovation information presented, the power of keeping the public attention, seconds of applause at the end of the presentation, etc. Target group: students from Brasov
  2. Support activities for developing a sustainable management plan for the Volunteer Center of Brasov (support in gaining legal status – establishment of the NGO, fundraising activities, creation of stable self-financing activities center, promoting and organizing personal development courses pack CONVERIO)

Target group: youth workers and volunteers from the Volunteer Center Brasov + volunteers and youth workers from other volunteer centers in the country

  1. Activities to promote corporate volunteering and promoting ethics courses for employees

Target group: employees of private companies in Brasov

  1. Promoting Erasmus + (music, workshops and competitions) – Summer Youth Festival and Winter Youth Festival. Target group: EVS volunteers and local youth in Romania.