Title of the project



9 months, from October 2015 to July 2016

Number of volunteers

2 – Eva Scheerder and Jana Dauven


1.    Teaching English

We help the other volunteers with their English by giving        English courses once a week to each project.

 2.    Organizing intercultural nights.

We organize intercultural nights in the local bar so the people of Sighisoara get to know us as volunteers and learn more about other cultures.

 3.    Promote Wild Carpathia.

We take care of the promotion of the youth center by making and giving out flyers, posters, organize events and building and taking care of the website.

 4.    Promote Erasmus +.

We promote Erasmus+ in different ways, we give presentations, let people know Erasmus+ exists during nonformal activities, write articles about Erasmus+ and put them on the website.

 5.    Selecting and preparing local youngster for sending them as local EVS volunteers.

We want youngsters to know about the opportunity to go abroad with EVS and tell them about possible projects and the advantages of EVS. This can happen at one of our events or just when we meet people in the supermarket, it’s all about spreading the word.

6.    Promoting Sighisoara and the local community online through our native Language and in English.

We do this by creating blogs, wiki-pages, fb etc.

 7.    Help the staff.

We are part of the staff and help them with all their activities. The other volunteers can ask us to help them and reach out the information the staff give to us.

For example we can spellcheck the articles made by the volunteers.