The Volunteer Center of Sighisoara

12782503_10153239748760855_967557643_nis a non-conventional center, located in the heart of Sighisoara, which aims to train the mind of young people and not only through games and creative workshops, to help the participants discover new things, to find effective ways to communicate with the world around them and acquire different skills.
The giving coursers are personal development courses, guidance and career orientation and reorientation, leadership and effective communication.
All these aims to help participants to improve the relationship with the world around them and be successful in their private and working life.
In addition, Wild Carpathia team members will guide the youngsters and the adults to different volunteering opportunities in the country and abroad; children can participate in projects funded by Erasmus + at the age of 14. They can travel and meet a lot of cultures, improve their ability to speak a foreign language and make friends around the world. Also our association is giving to high school students the opportunity to have a unique experience trough the Duke of Edinburgh program of Britain’s Prince Philip and Princess Margarita of Romania.
The goal of the Volunteer Center of Sighisoara is to develop true values among citizens and increase awareness of people about the need for active involvement in events and actions.

Since the beginning our members and volunteers gave a good example about what and how the things can be done without too much money but only with human resources, time and great local sponsors who helped us by contributing with first based needed materials. Here you can see how the space looked when we took it for the first time and how we manage to organised it in just a few months!

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Some of the activities developed at the center:

´Thematic workshops and different language workshops

´Cultural and leisure activities

´Summer camps and team games

´Intercultural and thematic evenings

´Personal development courses

´Non-formal education trainings