The youth 12837167_1086116808106681_467636726_oof Sighisoara needs your help! Centrul de Voluntariat Sighisoara (CEVOS, Volunteer Center of Sighisoara) is in need of some big improvements.

What do we do?

Set in the hart of Romania, Sighisoara is a small community of about 26.000. Children and teenagers from around the area come to Sighisoara for their education, but they have hardly any possibilities to entertain or to improve themselves outside of their school. The mission of CEVOS is to give these youngsters the opportunity to learn and experience more, through workshops, non-formal education, volunteering and involving them in mobility programs which let them experience foreign countries (like the Erasmus+ program).

The impact of these activities is significant, because the youngsters will enrich so much more their life and improve their chances for a better future, at no costs.

Right now, an increasing number of local volunteers are becoming actively involved with the activities of the center, but we want to expand our reach and therefore we need help.

We want to create a working environment conducive to the members and volunteers of the association, while increasing and expanding the activities that we organize for the community.



Why do we need your help?

Sadly, we of Wild Carpathia, the organization behind CEVOS, cannot afford all the expenses that are necessary. At the moment we need extra furniture and materials to hold more events and workshops for the local youth. While the community is highly supportive of the activities that are organized, they also do not have the money or means to help the organization. Therefore we hope that people outside of the community are willing to help us improve the Center, which needs a lot of maintenance.

One of the big investments that we need to make is in heaters, (Sighisoara is very cold during the winter months) so that the Center can stay open even with snow. Other items that will be purchased are materials for arts and crafts, a printer, board games and a projector/projector screen. Most items will be used in workshops and trainings, as well as other activities aimed at tackling problems young people face at school and at work.

Who are we?12018718_1086116851440010_258219649_o

Wild Carpathia is a non-profit association, which promotes the importance of raising living standards, and organizes public actions of informing, educating, coordinating and supporting the personal development of people, especially youngsters.
We use non-formal methods, intercultural experiential learning practices and other learning tools to encourage the active involvement of youngsters and to support educational initiatives, social and cultural life with a positive impact in the community.
Wild Carpathia encourages the active participation of youngsters through volunteering by acting as an information office and building relationships with other NGOs in the same field.
Our goal for the future is to work internationally, organize large-scale events, publicizing learning materials, support international workshops, awareness campaigns, exhibitions, training courses, internships and volunteer projects to encourage more youth mobility.

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If you want to help us please use our bank accounts

Account holder: Wild Carpathia

Account holder address: str. Herman Oberth Nr.20, Sighisoara, Romania

Bank: UniCredit Tiriac Bank



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