About us


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
Wild Carpathia is a non-profit association which promotes the importance of raising living standards and organises public actions of informing, educating, coordinating and supporting the personal development of people especially youngsters.
We use non-formal methods, intercultural experiential learning services and other tools to encourage the active involvement of youngsters and to support educational initiatives, social and cultural life with a positive impact in the community.
Wild Carpathia encourages the active participation of youngsters through volunteering by acting as an information office and building relationships with NGOs active in this field.
Our aim for the future is to also work internationally, to organize scale events, edit publications, support international workshops, awareness campaigns, exhibitions, training courses, internships and volunteer projects like youth mobilities.
In order to grow the efficiency we are looking forward to create strategic partnerships with as many associations in the country and abroad as possible and to conclude cooperation agreements with various public institutions and private companies.
The development strategy of our association was conceived during 2014 – 2020 and includes the following aspects:
– Increase of organizational capacity, growing the team (so far we have significant results, namely: started off 3 people and now we are eight adults responsible for conducting activities and around 10 local volunteers aged 14 – 24 years involved in various activities according to their own interest)
– Creating a working environment conducive to the members and volunteers of the association (in the course of 2015 we were able to arrange and open in Sighisoara a Volunteer Center, composed of work spaces, conference room and offices)
– Integrated services for human resource development and improved quality of life for members and volunteers (currently working on a new product, program WISE, a package of personal development courses free for the association members and volunteers)
– Strengthening financial stability of the association (currently we are building a complex program of fundraising and some commercial activities for acquiring the necessary funds)
– Expansion and upgrading the activities (using the internet and online services as tools)
– Acting as a source for the associations in Sighisoara to get information on funding opportunities.
– Adherence to various umbrella entities (in 2015 our association is accepted as a founding member of FOT, Federation of Youth working NGOs)


Testimonials from the ex- EVS volunteers of Wild Carpathia:

“Dear Ada and Bogdan, Thanks once more for giving me the opportunity of my life. Thanks to you I had really good months in Sighisoara. I really appreciate all the work that you do for the community. And I’m sure that your action is helping a lot of people around Romania. I only have good memories from you and I wish a lot of good things will happen to you next year.” Lorena – TCS Stage 2

“I want to say you that I remember everyday the time that we spent together in Sighisoara, and this is because you make every moment perfect, with your happy and active attitude. You make especial moments, don’t stop to do it because you really make people happy! With all my heart!” Miriam Lendrino – TCS Stage 2

“They settle as an example for me. I remember them always as they are supposed to be. In adaptive way; taking out the best of us in every moment. They were and they are a model of how love must be shown. Nowadays I follow this guidance and I ‘make mistakes’ as fast as I can, learning in a vertiginous way. They taught me how to go through fear and love those called enemies. I thanks god for have had the opportunity to met them. Because of them I am appreciated from many and I am open to everything to come. Best regards and thank you.” Dani – HEAL

“Hey Coordinators! Hahah! Hi Bogdan, Hi Ada! I just wanted to wish you a happy and marvelous Christmas with all the family you created until now, with all the thoughts of the people you met and changed! I want to thank you both for the time you gave me, for the support and for helping me “struggling with my darkness”. I’m not the same person I was 2 years ago when I first came to Romania and I’m really proud of the way I’m following right now. I send you a big virtual hug from far away and I hope you will still change people for the best! Kisses” Nelida ❤

“Thank you for your kind words, wisdom, warm hearted attitude. Thank you for teaching me so so much, the art of communication, simple truths of life, ways to show affection and how to dream big and achieve your goals. I’m sure both of you have made a great change for the better in many peoples lives.” Pamela – HEAL

“I still keep Sighisoara close to my heart, it will always be my home as the people I spent the six months with will always be my family. I was completely thrown into unknown waters, but I can never thank my organisation or Bogdan and Ada enough for giving me the chance of a lifetime. Cheesy, I know, but the EVS in Romania opened my mind to so many different challenges, chances, it helped me realise it takes just one person to conquer the world if that’s what they really want. I want to thank Ada and Bogdan for changing me more than they ever realized and I cannot wait to get back!” Tuuliki – HEAL