Title of the project: KIDSLAND

Duration: 9 months, from 1st November 2015 to 1st August 2016

Number of volunteers: 10

Developed activities: The volunteers worked in 4 different kindergartens and they were using non-formal education to teach the children different values, ideas and open for them new perspectives.

The general activities



1) personalizing the walls of kindergartens with drawings







2) organizing thematic workshops. Weekly at Centrul de Voluntariat Sighisoara the kids can play and learn at workshops like: theatre, circus, drawing, music, soap, T-shits paining, handcrafts







3) developing local solidarity campaigns in the favor of children coming from disadvantaged social/economic backgrounds. 2 campaigns (1 for collecting clothes and toys and 1 for books) and 1 charity event. The purpose is to increase the kids confidence and their self-esteem and to show them a more bright side or life that they could not fully experience. Weekly they organize meetings and soon they all will go on a one day trip.








4) creative workshops to manufacture useful materials in capitalizing the stories, games and songs for the children.











… and from the daily work in the kindergartens and afterschools …
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