The connection between Poland and our partner association from Puglia, Italy

Daughter of the Duke of Milan, Grand Duchess of Bari and Queen of Poland. Bona Sforza in the sixteenth century was a prominent figure in European history, and she is responsible for many of the interventions that have contributed to the progress of Bari from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, as the settlement of the Swabian Castle and the creation of the city’s first water network and of the territory. Five hundred years after her marriage with Sigismund of Poland who made her queen, Bari honors her with a conference on the occasion of the Italian-Polish culture festival.

In this context it has come to life the Educational “Puglia e Polonia più vicine nel segno del turismo” organized by Smart Association from the South of Salento.

The project aimed to promote excellence and enhance the integrated tourist offer of the territory and was aimed at journalists, opinion leaders and national and international bloggers who in this way had the opportunity to experience a full immersion, lasting six days, between nature, flavors, landscapes and the most authentic traditions of our land.

The importance of this Educational was to better understand this strange link between Poland and Bari, a big city in the South Italy that became famous abroad for this bond.

This week was very rich and full of events and visits: starting from the inauguration of the week, then participating to the Ballet at Kismet Theatre in Bari, then visiting thehold city and the beautiful church dedicated to San Nicola, then attending the celebrations for San Nicola the 6th of December, when the city observes the saint in a more intimate and smaller festival.

After these beautiful days spent In Bari, the Educational provided 2 days in Salento, the extreme South Italy, where all the participants could admire the beautiful beached of Otranto, the Basilica of Santi Martiri with her fantastic mosaic, the historical centre and the Cava of Bauxite.

In the last day before leaving, all the participants attended a course with old ladies from Puglia that taught to the guests the importance to make pasta by hand and how to cook some typical Salentinian food.

It was a very interesting tour, specially for international guests, who could understand the importance of this strong link and how to promote Puglia Region all over the world.

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