Bogdan Negrei  

Trainer and life coach, psychologist specialized in efficient communication and chiro-therapist. Founder of CONVERIO he also delivers: personal development courses; individual therapy and couple counseling; mentor and facilitator courses in non-formal education. In relation with EVS volunteers Erasmus+ he is dealing with consolidated mentorship.

Testimonials from the ex- EVS volunteers of Wild Carpathia:

“… thank you Bogdan for encouraging people to go out there and take what they actually want. Your energy and will to achieve are most definitely very inspiring. And that you bring examples straight from your own life – people need to see actions beside words. That way they start thinking: If he did it, it’s possible, I can do it also, or at least I should try. And of course the jokes – people need a laugh from time to time, keep it up! :)” Oliver – TCS Stage 2

“Remember all the words and lessons. I remember, Bogdan told us “life’s never gonna be the same after this experience” and he is right. It is not the same and  I am grateful for it. Bogdan, thank you. I love you.” Tomi – HEAL

“…for Bogdan I want to say that he is not a person who gives up so quickly. He like it to work with people and he wants to gives people a chance.” Michelle – Multilingva

“Strange how the things you thought us makes sense bit by bit. In the strangest and most unexpected situations I realize „that’s what Bogdan was talking about“. It was always interesting to spend these hours with you discovering the world from a different angle. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!” Kirke – TCS Stage 1

“A bear in a costume of a man. Thanks for all the work you’ve done making this project happen. I’m still trying to learn how to smell with my skin, has not worked out yet, but i shall not give up!” Hendrik – Sighisoara Multilingva