“KINDERLAND” Is a project of mobility of young people, EVS, group stage hosted in:

– Sighisoara / RO in which will take part 8 young people from GR, IT, EE and MK (2 volunteers / country)

– Between 1st April 2017 – 30 September 2017

The 4 Sending Organisations (SO) are:

  • “You in Europe” from Greece (GR)
  • “Scambieuropei” from Italy
  • „Pavel Satev” from Makedonia (MK)


By “KINDERLAND” We aim to offer to the volunteers the opportunity to develop those skills useful:

  1. a) to increase employability;
  2. b) to accelerate the transition to a more active lifestyle


The proposed objectives of the project are characteristic for the experimental education:

1) Among the 8 volunteers EVS the development of attitudes / skills / basic knowledge & practical valuable in the context of a job and more active participation in the community

2) Among 120 children from Sighisoara, the development of non-formal learning program based on subjects from fairy tales


In summary, the activities of this project will be dedicated to the kindergartens and to the first classes kids. The volunteer’s daily activities will be organized after their arrival based on a common agreement. The volunteers will also help the teachers in the kindergarten.

Another kind of activity of the project will be the development of “ERASMUS ROOMS” -painting the walls in kindergartens in Sighisoara, in Sighisoara Volunteer Center and, where appropriate, in the primary school or after-school centers with scenes from fairy tales, stories, legends, myths. The volunteers will elaborate, design and develop fundraising actions for paint & painting tools (including street actions like “flyer Strider” “flash- mob “;” photo-voice “interactive public presentations, e-solutions)

The most important activity of the project will be the “Summer KIDS Festival”. We already organized in the previous year 2 Summer Camps for kids so this year we wish to make it bigger. The volunteers together with our association members will develop the design for “festival” and all the support materials needed; will promote the vacancies at the “festival” and the recruitment / selection of children participants and will lead workshops during the festival based on the non-formal education methods.


The main results will generate impact learning.

We anticipate that the long term impact will be generated by “KINDERLAND” on the personal development of the volunteers from GR, IT, EE and MK. After this project experience the volunteers will have all the necessary competences to work as individuals with openness to other cultures much different from the “home” and to accept the diversity around them.

KINDERLAND project is dedicated to those volunteers who wish to work with kids by becoming a teacher or a leader someday.