Alissija Elizabeth


My name is Alissija-Elisabet, I am a 20-year-old slavic girl from Estonia. I decided to work as a volunteer in KINDERLAND project in Sighisoara, Romania. I chose the project because I am amazed of childrens way of thinking. They are so interested and curious about everything, it inspires me. I think grown-up should sometimes learn from children.
I love nature and everything that goes with it. I love animals, plants, water… My perfect day is the sunny one.
My hobbies are traveling, thinking, designing clothes, rollerskating, photography, psychology, pilates and much more. I try to see beauty everywhere, where not many people can see it, I tend to notice interesting things, the lovely paths find me. I enjoy challanges. I want to be as helpful as possible. In conclusion, I want to spread love to the world. The only way to get love is to give love!