Maria Sole Liberati


Hello, I’m Maria Sole Liberati, a 28 years old young girl.
I’m Italian and I live in a small town near Rome.
I’m a psychologist and I’ve just finished an internship in Human Resources with the organization and development function.
I would like to make my knoledge available to everybody and share it. At the same time from EVS experience I wish to learn to listen to people and to be able to satisfy their needs. This project has interested me from the standpoint of recreation projects such as the design and language teaching through non-formal methods and cross-cultural exchange.
Another aspect that made me choose this project is the possibility to put into practice my knowledge and use it for the creation and promotion of events .
This experience opened up to me the chance to build up a new life path. This is why I decided to participate to the “SVE Sighisoara Multilingva”, I will give my contribution to people who need it most.
I always had the passion for foreign culture. I think that the best way to communicate with other cultures is not just the knowledge of their history, but also the knowledge of their language. In this experience I wish to learn new languages and new cultures. I want to improve my English knowledge and give my contribution to other people to learn Italian. I think this experience can better myself, my culture and my personality. It will be the realization of one of my dreams.