Yadigar Karahan


My name is Yadigar. I am 26 years old. I’m from Adana (a city south part of Turkey). I graduated from Selcuk University department of Radio, Television and Cinema in 2015. If to speak about my personal character, then I am an active, polite and honest person. I also have a passion for discovering new cultures and learning various things about different countries. So, I would like you to know that I am an open-minded person and everytime ready for meeting new persons. I am a calm person in the face of sudden events.I live to learn. I try to do the best things for people and myself. The important thing for me is to make people happy. Seeing people happy makes me happy. I want to be a successful person in my field. I follow the technology closely. I take pictures and write short film scripts. Also, I like following football,reading books, walking, exploring different cultures.
Here we had a excellent time with the kids and their parents. 🙂
See you 🙂