Trick or treat?

Halloween party 2017

31st of October in other countries is known as Halloween and this celebration have found its way also to Romania where it’s popular amongst kids and youngsters. So we created a fun party to celebrate this event. We all were wearing different costumes, there were prisoners, princesses and all sorts of animals. Our lovely youth center had a makeover in order to create Halloween spirit.

We started the evening with some energizers from HEAL2 to keep everyone active. After that KINDERLAND played some games with kids. Then it was time for the most important activity- pumpkin carving, which was done by the campfire with the help of volunteers.

As it got darker and pumpkins were all done, we had a beautiful collection of different pumpkin faces by the youth center. We moved back to youth center so kids could break Piñatas made by the KINDERLAND. What an amazing game it is which outcome is explosion of candies?

During the evening we also had a photo corner and all the kids had a chance to take photos by themselves and with friends. Our volunteer Laura also created a special dance for kids that symbolizes autumn cause after Halloween we start to get ready for winter and Christmas.

Everyone did their part to create a great event and most importantly everyone had fun, the volunteers, kids and their parents!

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