Jean Esturoune


My name is Jean ESTUROUNE from Paris, I will be 24 years old on 23th of July. I am a professional photographer (photo reporter and I was awarded of the first Reza Prize in 2014) and I am in Romania because I think Sighisoara will be an inspiring environment for taking pictures. I am also a militant photographer to defend human and environmental rights.

With the team, that is to say Laurence, Tiziana, Maria Sole and I, we will realize projects about non-formal methods (cooperatives methods and no-competitives). We will teach our mother tongue (Laurence and I will be in the French course and for Maria and Tiziana in the Italian one) with non-formal education. At the same time, we will be focused on other parts of our project. For me, I would like to share my photography skills to youngsters.

Moreover, by nature I am a patient person, I like discovering different cultures by exchanging with people. To conclude, I want the best for everyone.