“Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction.” – John Crosby 

Mentorship is a big, important part of the EVS experience. Every EVS volunteer shall be provided with a mentor by the hosting organisation. A mentor is a friend from the community; someone who will support the volunteers in their learning process, and, most importantly, will guide them through the discovering of the unknown world of the hosting country. Mentor-volunteer relationships are really important and play a crucial role in the volunteers’ life in a different cultural setting. The mentor is the hand given to the volunteer in coping with that life. Of course, building and maintaining a safe and trustful relationship throughout the service between the EVS volunteer and his/her mentor will take time. Nevertheless, it usually leads to a unique learning experience for both sides, offering them a possibility to take a step on personal development path.

At Wild Carpathia, mentors are enthusiastic, welcoming, and love working with youngsters. All the more reason to come to Romania and getting to know these wonderful people!

Karoly Szabo – Carlo

Andrei Ana

Sophie Gize

Sergiu Paca

Celestina Borcea

Anca Moldovan


Irina Cosescu


Gabriele Baban

Alina Alexa