In a European society in which the concern for re connection between the education and the labor market is increasingly present project HEAL 2 offers a fresh perspective on learning trough sport activities as solutions and practical workshops and experimental promoting of a healthy lifestyle and their elements follow developing entrepreneurial skills and overcoming barriers in cross-linking with others from different backgrounds and cultures.

HEAL 2 will be an EVS group stage (lasting 6 months, held in the town of Sighisoara in Romania) in which will take part 8 young Europeans from Denmark, Estonia, Macedonia and Italy. The EVS volunteers will develop the following activities:

1) Practical workshops “What it means to be healthy?”

2) Interactive sport workshops with children and teenagers (practicing English for all)

3) Local campaigns promoting the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle

4) Public events to promote volunteering and Erasmus + opportunities

Project objectives:

– Raising awareness about the quality and importance of a healthy lifestyle for the 8 volunteers during the 6 months of the project

– Developing among the 8 volunteers the necessary skills for entering into the labor market in areas complementary with health

– Achieving a minimum of 200 local youth beneficiaries and informing them about the project topic – physical, psychological and mental well being and promoting the importance of volunteering and the concept of “healthy lifestyle”