The general culture contest that combines fun with education



“Did you know?” contest is an event open to people of every age to learn in the most creative way general culture skills through curiosity and sharing knowledges and information. The language used will be English and this will be a great opportunity for participant to improve speaking and understanding skills in this language. Over the language, advantages are connected to public speaking and team working, to be managed by Non- Formal Education methods.

The association Wild Carpathia aims to bring together people so that this new interesting way of make a good competition can happen and have an impact in the approach to culture of who joins this initiative, opening new horizons of learning and healthy synergy mostly among the people belonging to new generations. The contest takes place over the period of one month, one stage organized each week. The first stage will take place on November 3rd at 18:00. The next stages are being held on 10th, 17th and 24th November at 18:00. The duration of each stage is about two hours in which each team has 10-15 minutes to present the information about the chosen subject (e.g. sports, nature, art, culture, IT etc). The subjects are decided together with the participants before the competition.

For presenting can be used pictures, videos, non-formal education ways, dialogues or any other creative ways. The maximum number of teams is 4 and in each team can be 4-6 members. Participants who don’t have a team can still register and the team will be formed after the registration is closed. We especially want to address this initiative to youngsters and university students, to let them discover volunteering and have a great example of the activities we are involved in.


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