Happy Birthday Wild Carpathia!

3 years of hard work, fun and incredible people

On 19th of October we celebrated our third birthday, I say ‘’we’’ cause I feel like we are all part of this organization that has become our family. So celebration of Wild Carpathia’s birthday for me was a celebration of our family. It was filled with wine, pizza, karaoke and LOVE. We spent the night laughing and just being with each other.

I have been part of Wild Carpathia only for three months but I have never fitted in so fast and so comfortably anywhere. I believe that it was meant to be, me and Wild Carpathia, me and Sighisoara, me and Romania. I was supposed to be here at this exact time with these exact people to form a new definition of family, community and friendship.

After I finish my adventure here I will always know that I have a family in Sighisoara that I can visit at any given time. As I will know that I have 20+ family members in all corners of the world that I can visit and they will wait for me with open hands.

Forming a family with people that you have no relation with can be the most empowering and scary thing in the world. But never in my life have I felt more loved or protected by so many people. And it gives me great strength to move on to next steps of my life with confidence and no fear cause I know I have something to fall back on.

I love you- my lost people and my ‘’mountain mama’’!


Article by Daina Laizāne



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