Harvesting grapes and keeping the love alive

Wild Carpathia volunteers are always up for new challenges and free food

It all started with a phone call from Miss Maria who was asking for help from  Wild Carpathia volunteers to help her harvest the grapes and the most important part- it needed to be a surprise for her husband. When we got offered this opportunity we could not say no to this opportunity (we also got offered free food and volunteers never say no to free food). We all met in the morning with great mood and when we met Miss Maria our spirits got even more lifted, she was incredibly kind and generous towards us and made us feel like we’re visiting our grandma.

Miss Maria’s husband who the surprise was for surprised us all by coming home earlier than he was supposed to although the surprise moment was ruined, he’s presence made the day even better. We didn’t speak each other’s languages but somehow we all understood each other and we learned all about the juice and wine making. There wasn’t a moment when Miss Maria or her husband didn’t have a smile on their faces. And it was so rewarding for all of us.

Lately we haven’t had any chances of spending productive time together which made this day even more special. We were working but also having fun along the way by sharing childhood stories and making fun of each other.

It was an opportunity to learn about kindness and gratitude, how our simple task can be greatly appreciated by the people we are helping.

After hard work we enjoyed a wonderful meal together and didn’t want to leave Miss Maria’s because it really felt like home.

Article by Daina Laizāne

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