Destination: On top of the world

Billion star hotel, animal kingdom and the ultimate Romanian experience

Few weeks ago we went on another adventure, it seems like every weekend we go to get some adrenaline. We started our journey mid-day Saturday from our beloved Sighisoara. Our first stop was gas station because the car doesn’t move without fuel and volunteers don’t function without coffee. Our rides are always filled with music, meditation and arguments with GPS. However, after couple of hours we reached our first destination. It was a lake but one of us asked ‘’where is the volcano?’’ because Saint Ana lake is located in the volcanic crater and some of us from the description of our trip only picked up small amounts of information. It actually is the only crater lake in Romania. It was a perfect place for a brake, a walk, a swim and photo session in the woods.


Before we reached our camping place we had the ultimate Romanian experience- we saw a bear, actually two bears. Now, we can really say that we have been in Romania. Our trip was filled with animals, we met dogs, cows, horses and it amazed us that the traffic jam can consist of cows and bulls.

Our camping place was located by the river, next to the Cheile Varghisului, that we were getting ready to hike next morning. We got there at the same time with the dark because we are always very quick and organized. We built our tents and made fire, sat down, relaxed and enjoyed a meal together. Night was filled with inappropriate jokes, music and watching stars. At some point we (me and Liina) left the campfire and people to enjoy watching the stars, the view was incredible and we could even see milky way not just pretend that we are seeing it when someone shows us where it is.

In the morning some of us woke up in tents, some of us where sleeping in the car and some of us never left the camp fire. And after spending the night freezing in tent I would definitely choose to sleep by the fire next time. It took couple of hours before everyone was up and ready to go.

First part of our hike was easy and seemed a little boring but then we took on another challenge and chose different path that lead us on top of the mountain. It was real workout but the destination was worth it. The view was breath taking and we could actually scream ‘’ I’m on top of the world’’.

Article by Daina Laizāne

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