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Our people

Our local and EVS volunteers work tirelessly every day to give their contribution to the community. Our team is composed of beautiful, unique, positive-minded people who give meaning and significance to everything we do.


From youngsters to kids to elderlies – our activities address people of every age and every status. We work with passion, dedication, and utter focus to make sure that we give back to the community, make new connections, and share experiences.


Big hearts, smiles, empathy, sensitivity and much more. At Wild Carpathia, we put passion and love in everything we do – that is what makes our work worth it.


Here, imagination and innovation are always in the air. Our plans for the future get more and more exciting every single day. Join us and be part of our wonderful team!

About Us

We are passionate, we are determined, and we want to make a difference.
Discover more about the Wild Carpathia family.
  • #1 local and evs volunteers
  • project managers
  • #3 activity facilitators
  • #4 mentors


The people who first dreamed of this adventure, built this organisation, and keep making it a reality every single day.
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Alexandra Negrei (Ada)

President of Wild Carpathia and coordinator of EVS projects.
She writes projects, coordinates the activity of Volunteer Center in Sighisoara and guides the youngsters in their experience as volunteers.
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Bogdan Sirius Negrei

Trainer and life coach, psychologist specialized in efficient communication and chiro-therapist.
He delivers personal development courses, individual therapy and couple counseling, mentor and facilitator courses in non-formal education.
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Marina Medelete (Mede)

Volunteer Coordinator and Mentor.
She is directly involved in the activities of foreign and local volunteers; she contributes to their learning process and keeps in touch with local collaborators.
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Florentina Marcus (Flori)

Mentor and Activity Facilitator.
Landmark for Kinderland project, she directs the volunteers in their relation and activities with kids and keeps in touch with local institutions.


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